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The CyberVantage Program

The Freedom to Build Success

Get the freedom you need to focus on what matters most to your business success: sales and service. Our exclusive CyberVantage program provides you with your very own state of the art e-Commerce website already loaded with thousands of computer products. You will be ready to sell private label products within minutes of setting up your account. Once an order is placed, we custom build and test each machine, ensuring you are delivering worry free quality products to your client.

Business at the Speed of Technology

Do business at the speed of technology! With the CyberVantage program, the challenge of updating hundreds of products and pricing is eliminated. You no longer have to worry about building, testing, and troubleshooting new systems. We take care of the logistics so you can take care of your customers.

Our Success is Yours

CybertronPC is committed to providing your business and your customers with excellent service, quality products, and competitive reseller pricing. That's why we created the most comprehensive and unmatched partner program in the industry

Program FeaturesIncludedYour Solution
Daily product updates 
Exclusive system configuration with your own company brand 
Private label systems and packaging 
Drop ship or ship to your location 
Lifetime technical support on all systems 
End user technical support answered with your company name 
Extended and onsite warranty options 
  •  Included
  •  Coming Soon

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Domain Address

We'll help you transfer or obtain a domain name. (You can also link from an existing site.)

2. CyberVantage Training

CybertronPC will help you get started right away with an easy training session.

3. Customize your Site

Customize the look and feel of your site using the management module.

E-Commerce Website Features
Program FeaturesIncludedYour Website
Shopping cart system & checkout 
Save and retrieve shopping cart 
Browse by category  
Browse by brand  
Customize systems  
Search by keyword  
Multiple shipping methods  
Multiple payment methods  
Real time credit card processing 
PayPal payment method 
End user account history  
Order status  
Order tracking  
Automated password retrieval  
Sign up for special offers * 
  •  Included
  •  Coming Soon
Website Management Module Features
Program FeaturesIncludedYour Website
Your own domain name  
Customize look, feel, and color  
Multiple templates choice  
Company logo and information  
Manage margins and pricing  
Manage items to display  
Manage categories to display  
Manage brand to display  
Manage shipping methods  
Manage payment methods  
Order management and approval  
Secure Site (SSL certificate)  
Web statistics and analytics  
Report Creation 
Feature items in main page  
Manage customers  
Track orders and account history  
  •  Included
  •  Coming Soon